Monday, 11 May 2009

If I have worked for you as a solicitor, please could you give me a testimonial by commenting below.

All you have to do is click on Comment, where it says Select Profile choose Google Account (it's free!) and then give your email address and a password. Then you can post your comment.

You might like to start your own blog after that if you haven't already done so: I believe it's an important business as well as social tool.

Thank you for looking at my blog(s)



  1. Anthony is steeped in expert knowledge and experience and he never pretends to anything about which he is not completely confident. He has a strong sense of what is right and wrong and a huge heart. He has extremely high ethical standards and a very finely tuned sense of integrity. The results of his work were precisely what was both wanted and what he said could be achieved - in difficult moral and legal circumstances.
    Tim Mills 12 May 2009

  2. Anthony has a great depth of knowledge which he easily applies to a broad range of contexts, with understanding and integrity. He brings clarity and directness to complex situations, which inspires confidence.

    Mileva Donachie 13 May 2009

  3. I have worked for Anthony for over 15 years carrying out service and investigation instructions. During our relationship I have found him to be efficient, professional, knowledgeable and precise with his instructions. As Anthony is all of the aforementioned this in turn makes our job much easier. Anthony is a genuine man dedicated to his profession, I have no hesitation in recomending him to my colleagues, friends and family